Thursday, February 27, 2014

Transplant - Chemo Day 1

Today was the second longest day in history... only because last night was the longest longest day!
Last night -- vitals every four hours, the pump going off and beeping, Jack going to the bathroom, IV meds, and preping at 5AM for the 6AM chemo... am quite certain I was up every hour. By 4AM I was ready to throw the pump out the window and pay good money to anyone who had earplugs.

Chemo went well today, no nausea. Fingers crossed that we continue on this path for the next couple of days. A pretty uneventful day-- but I'm told that's what they like.

Here's pics of our palace and our view over looking the city.

This afternoon since his counts are still high, we are able to leave the floor. The Shine Circus is in Omaha this week, so the clowns stopped by and brought plenty of cheer and silliness.

Jack's taking all sorts of meds... way more then what we have ever taken. Only two or three nausea meds, the rest are preventive and protective meds for his liver, stomach and who knows what else. We also swish four times a day to help prevent mouth sores.

I'm not sure what was going on this afternoon, but the medications are definitely mood altering. Jack was sad, happy and crying for a few hours here and there. I asked- it's common. So we just took a little time out and talked about what's going on and how he's feeling. It got better after dinner. I'm hoping as we get used to new hospital, staff and treatment, everything will start to smooth out.
Jack's eating really well, he's gained a pound - I'm sure it's half fluid and half actual weight from eating good. Looking forward to a quiet evening and hopefully a bit more sleep tonight.

Today I'm thankful for:
- coffee.
- being able to roam around the hospital a bit.
- great nurses today and tonight. We had them both yesterday and was happy to see them back tonight. 

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