Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting Better, I Think

I think we're making progress with surgery recovery but I'm not positive. 
Jack is not in pain, but he's pretty constipated, or something is a bit off with his bathroom visits. 
But at least things are moving so hopefully they'll get into a more usual rhythm. 

He took a two hour nap this afternoon, for which I'm grateful. He hasn't slept good in the past few days between pain and bathroom runs. So, we'll let him stay a bit later tonight, and maybe pack another snack in him. He hasn't eaten the best in the past few days due to constipation. 

One of his teeth cracked tonight, so he'll be making a trip to the dentist hopefully tomorrow. 
It doesn't hurt, thankfully, so he should be able to wait until tomorrow at least. 
I don't think it's related to his treatment, though I don't know. I blame Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines day traditions. There is only so much candy I can throw away before they start noticing. 

No photos today, but we did take a nice walk around the block, with Chase too, who was instrumental in getting Jack motivated and out of his beanbag chair. 

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