Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Update

It feels like the weekend updates comes around so fast and I think to myself, where did the week go?!
Tibor, Jack and I (I guess Chase was to cool to join us) went and saw the Lego movie on Sunday. It was great! Jack and Tibor were chuckling through the whole thing. Highly recommended.  A beta version of some game was released over the weekned, so the boys were playing games all day and night. Other than that, nothing else to report.

Today, Jack and I ventured over to Union Bank to meet up with some friends from the Magic Moments --- they put together a book for us and had a few other surprises. Oh... and don't forget some mouth watering, fresh out of the oven, yummy in my tummy, chocolate chip cookies. They were magnificent! Jack ate one while we were there and requested two more with milk later on in the day. The book is very cool and we will never forget how special our day (and the weeks leading up to it) was. Tibor and I appreciate all the hard work everyone put into making Jack's magic moment truly magical!
Thank you Jill -- you did a great job putting the book together!
A very special thanks to Dan and Carl -- Jack thinks you two are the coolest cats ever and loved every moment you spent with him today. You warm my heart with all your kindness and love you guys have for him. He will always be your little buddy!

Here are some pics from our book.

Today I'm greateful for:
- little dude is looking good, I think he may be at 45lbs now.
- the two families I know (and the hundreds I don't know), how you have made it mission critical to get pediatric cancer awareness out there. It has inspired me and has my brain turning.
- my boys and husband. You make me smile, laugh, roll my eyes and maybe even sometimes test my patience. You guys are the greatest!

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