Monday, February 24, 2014

Ready for Transplant

We heard from UNMC this afternoon that Jack is ready for transplant at UNMC, and when I mean ready --- I mean labs on Tuesday and consultation and admitting on Wednesday. Wow! I knew we were on a time sensitive schedule, I guess they're ready to get the ball rolling.

How does Jack feel about this long stay? He's known about this part of the treatment for sometime. Also, as bad as it sounds, he's already spent a fair amount of time in the hospital -- so it will be new/different experience, but not really. We'll get a more detailed outline of events that we'll share in the next few days.

We did a drive-by by the new Raising Canes on 27th and Cornhusker and they're opening in three days! Jack is a bit annoyed that he's going to miss the grand opening. He's planning a talk with Dr. Gordon and requesting a day delay in his treatment so that he can be the first in line. Not sure that's gonna happen.

So... if you're wondering why Jack is posing against a tire in our front yard -- it's a prop that Chase and his friends are using. They're filming a scene out of a book they're reading. Extra credit I think.. but who knows.

Today we're thankful for:
- Jack spending a wee bit of time outside with Chase and his friends.
- starting Phase 2 of 4 of treatment. It's a pretty major part of the treatment.
- The Voice is starting back up tonight! Jack and I are huge fans. 

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