Sunday, April 19, 2015

Got Some Nunchuks And Good Lab Results

A few weeks back, a urine lab came back with some irregular numbers (certain hormone levels) that may have indicated presence of a tumor. (However there were other numbers that were within the norm too.)
These hormones can also be on the increase in times of stress or high level physical activity, so the doctor wanted a retest at a later date. So, we did that early last week, and the tests finally came today, and all numbers were in the normal range! So yeah, a big sigh of relief here. 

It does look like Jack will need a gastronomy tube (G-tube) "installed" to help him gain weight. Since he is barely gaining weight, doctors are concerned about stunned growth. 

Gastrointestinal doctor may talk to us some more about it tomorrow. He will also give us his opinion on whether there are any intestinal blockages that may be responsible for Jack's unusual bowel movements. They also took blood samples to test for celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and we should know those results tomorrow. 

At the beginning of the week Jack took a pill that had these 20 little plastic discs, and then he had X-rays through the week to see how the rings progress through his intestinal track. You can see the rings on the last X-ray. 

School is going well, although he is taking advantage of being able to come home after lunch. But with his sudden BMs, I don't blame him. Plus, he's not the only one with "spring fever."
We did go to his school carnival this weekend, and he had an exciting field trip too last week. 
His grades are good too, at least his spelling tests are, but he does need to read more. 

Jack saved, scrounged and otherwise came into possession of some money and bought himself a pair of Nunchuks and a dragon necklace. (BOGO weekend at the local sword shop.)
So he's been practicing with those over the past few days. 

So, we're waiting on:
- the opinion on intestinal track, 
- celiac disease test results and 
- G-tube consultation. 
(And of course Avengers on May 1st, and Mad Max on May 15th.) (And midnight showing of Star Wars on Dec 18th, but that's long term...)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eating Good

Happy to report that jack is eating well. 

He's trying new foods (tonight he picked cabbage pizza over pepperoni, and last weekend he tried steak and loved it. Also orange popcorn chicken, and shrimp made it on his "likes" list.) 
So that's a big "whew" for us... Throwing in variety and vegetables into the fried chicken repertoire. 

We had a great weekend, we boys ran errands, played soccer and redecorated Chase's room. Jack is getting really mobile and active and is able to run and jump around. Not as much or as fast as usual, but he's getting stronger little by little. 
He even went for a walk by himself today! (Just down the block.) He did come back running/waddling straight for the bathroom. His BMs are still like that, they come on so suddenly, he just has a minute or two to make it to the bathroom. 

Otherwise, school is going great, he loves it, and is able to stay full days most of the time. (He came home early twice last week because he ate too much for lunch! Score!)

Here is a pic from tonight, he's trying raspberry pudding. He didn't like it though, only giving it a 4 out of 10. (I'll take care of the other 6 tonight, as that is one of my favorites.)

A quick trip to Omaha tomorrow, they'll run some urine analysis, and check in with gastrointestinal doc. We'll see if he gained a pound or so. He weighed himself at school and said he's at 41 lbs. He does look better, not so skinny, so we'll see...