Sunday, July 19, 2015

At Camp!

So, camp COHOLO, (COurage, HOpe, LOve) organized by Children's Hospital, is finally here!

We've been waiting and talking about it for over a year now. Jack was supposed to go last year, but a treatment or something else got in the way. 
So, we dropped him off today, (the camp is midway between Lincoln and Omaha, 30 mins. away) without any tears. He'd been talking about it all week and was genuinely excited, but we weren't sure how the drop off would go. 
Luckily, with all the other boys in his cabin, and very friendly adult leaders, he was comfortable, and ready to do his own thing. He's been talking about pranking the staff and nurse Anissa, and eating s'mores, so hoping he'll get to do that. 

We will pick him back up on Wednesday, and I can't wait to hear all about it. 
There is a circus from New York there, and they will teach kids juggling and other circus things, and we will have a special surprise show when we pick him up, with kids performing their new skills. 

Otherwise, Jack is weighing in at 42lbs, so that's an improvement. I'm hoping the camp activities get him out and about, as we have been weathering the heat indoors.

Extremely grateful that Jack is spending time with his own peers and hopefully getting a bit out of his comfort zone in such a supported and loving environment.