Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First full day of school!

Quick little update here on Jack. He had his first follow up appointment and labs came back within the normal range, which is awesome news. His counts are just barely sneaking into the low range of normal, which is super cool especially since we are in the cold/flu season. Ugh! He's been around some kids with cough and runny nose and knock on wood, he hasn't come down with anything yet.

Last week at school, there was a case of whooping cough, so we kept him out of school. He spent enough time in the hospital going through treatment, we didn't want to take any chances on him getting sick.
Little dude is still having problems gaining weight. He's still on an appetite stimulant (Megace) which is also a steroid hormone (the one bad side effect is him being moody) but it's not helping him gain much weight. Our doctor told us it usually works too well, and kids gain weight with no problem. Not so much with him. He's still sitting around 40lbs. Skinny as a stick. We are being referred to a GI doctor to get a better look to see if there is a problem with stomach, small and/or large intestines. He also has troubles having BMs. Tummy aches, tuff time going to the bathroom and no real interest in food, something is going on. :(

We got the okay to visit the dentist, as the chemo has done a little number on his teeth. Four cavities. It could of been a whole lot worse.  Jack graduated from physical therapy two weeks ago. He still can't run and his walking is about 80% normal. We're told as he gains more weight and gets stronger, his walking and jogging/running will come back too. 

On Tuesday, Jack went to school for a few hours. It was even warm enough for him to play outside with his friends at recess. (No insulation on the little dude, so he usually reads in the office if his classmates have outdoor recess.) And today, Wednesday he rocked a full day of school! I was waiting and waiting for a call after lunch to come and get him, and nothing. He came walking out happy and proud after school that he was there the entire day. What a rock star! 

I'm grateful for:
- Jack rocking a full day of school! 
- everyone is healthy and happy in our home.
- loving the warm weather! That means lots of time outside for a walk or a little soccer game. 
- it's a family affair of playing Minecraft. Mom has now joined in on the fun. There is some eye rolling going on at times, as I have no idea what I'm doing, but they haven't kicked me out yet! :) 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ready For School

So, we're going back to school tomorrow. Only half a day though. 
Hoping for an uneventful week free of viruses. We'll check with the doctor during his checkup on the 8th to see how and when they want to handle his immunizations.

We're all caught up on our Aliens and Predator movies, and are moving on to King Kong. (He's also a huge fan of Titanic, but then who isn't?)

He's still enjoying his Chrtistmas Legos:
(Nothing like keeping Legos in a biohazard baggy, huh?)