Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Update

Long time, no see.
Huge apologies to all, we've been busy enjoying school and spring and no hospital visits, so didn't get to blog much lately. 

Currently, Jack is finishing up a bout with flu (influenza A), and as you may expect, hasn't eaten a proper meal in about a week. He gets his nightly feedings, but he's certainly not gaining any weight. 
He was 46.5 lbs a week ago, before the flu really hit. 
Three years ago, he was clocking in at 47lbs, so...

But, he's doing fine otherwise. He's in good spirits and has fun at school. 
Still has the illiostomy, hopefully only till the end of summer, but it's not a big deal, and doesn't keep him from doing anything. 

Here's a recent portrait he took at school, and I swear we'll buy the portrait package this time!