Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to School!

Ok, Jack started the third grade, and had a stellar first week. 
He is able to stay the whole day, and loves it. (We know because he doesn't cry when we drop him off and is happy when we pick him up.)
Since the last blog update, Jack went to a camp put up by the Children's Hospital, and had an amazing time. I think the camp taught him that it's ok to be independent, and it's fine to be away from us. 
Then, we went on a camping vacation in Colorado's beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. 
There, we let Jack help with firewood, he got some ninja throwing stars, and even drive/steer a boat. 
(Or skipper it, as it's sometimes called.)

He did need to sneak a couple of procedures in between (colon dilations), but those are outpatient procedures, and he handles them like a champ. 

Onwards and upwards for now, he still weighs about the same, but looks and moves good, his bowel movements are OK, and he eats OK. 

Here are some pics: