Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eating Good

Happy to report that jack is eating well. 

He's trying new foods (tonight he picked cabbage pizza over pepperoni, and last weekend he tried steak and loved it. Also orange popcorn chicken, and shrimp made it on his "likes" list.) 
So that's a big "whew" for us... Throwing in variety and vegetables into the fried chicken repertoire. 

We had a great weekend, we boys ran errands, played soccer and redecorated Chase's room. Jack is getting really mobile and active and is able to run and jump around. Not as much or as fast as usual, but he's getting stronger little by little. 
He even went for a walk by himself today! (Just down the block.) He did come back running/waddling straight for the bathroom. His BMs are still like that, they come on so suddenly, he just has a minute or two to make it to the bathroom. 

Otherwise, school is going great, he loves it, and is able to stay full days most of the time. (He came home early twice last week because he ate too much for lunch! Score!)

Here is a pic from tonight, he's trying raspberry pudding. He didn't like it though, only giving it a 4 out of 10. (I'll take care of the other 6 tonight, as that is one of my favorites.)

A quick trip to Omaha tomorrow, they'll run some urine analysis, and check in with gastrointestinal doc. We'll see if he gained a pound or so. He weighed himself at school and said he's at 41 lbs. He does look better, not so skinny, so we'll see...

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