Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Sunday

Jack had a rock star weekend, enjoying the warm weather and playing outside with the neighbor kids.
Friday we had smoked brisket from Phat Jack's BBQ, add this to one of favorite foods. (He also loves shrimp now?!) I have no idea how to smoke brisket, it might be one of those take out foods.

Jack had four full days and one half day of school last week, which was pretty awesome! I think now that he's back at school, he enjoys going and looks forward to chatting with his friends. He's always sneaking something to show his friends, last week it was a Lego dude, a cool rock and a crazy bouncy ball. Hey, if that makes him happy and he has less meltdowns in the mornings, I'll let him stuff his pockets full!

This week should be pretty quiet, we do have a radiation followup appointment I need to schedule.
His eyes are slowly getting better, they aren't so sluggish and dilated all the time. I need to have his eyes rechecked and see if his lenses need to be changed out. GI doctor follow up visit in a few weeks. Also, while we are up at Children's, they will recheck his VMA & HVA Urine levels, as previous labs came back elevated. The doctor isn't overly concerned, but she wants to wait a few weeks to see if the levels come back down.

I'm thankful for:
- Jack wanting to go out and play with the neighbor kids, he can be kinda a hermit on his iPad at times. :)
- A nice visit and lunch at Tokyo's with the boy's Papa and Gramme.
- His appetite slowly, slowly increasing. Some days he surprises us and eats like a horse and other days not so much.

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