Thursday, March 5, 2015

Long time, no see...

Wow, it's been a while since we wrote an update. 

I guess that's a sign that things are going well. 

Jack is still hovering around 40lbs, he has a hard time gaining weight. He eats OK, he has good days and bad days when it comes to eating and pooping. 

A few positive trends: 
- he is trying new foods.. Green peas (yea), shrimp (yea), squash (nay), orange popcorn chicken (a big yea), and finally flavored yogurt (yea).
- he poops without much pain, and sometimes without laxatives. It's been a while since he was on the toilet crying from pain, or needing a suppository. 
- he is getting more mobile. This is a slow but steady progress. Tonight he climbed two stairs in front of the house without any assistance. The last time he was on these stairs on his own was after one of the immunotherapy treatments last year when his legs gave out and he collapsed. So it made me super happy to see him climb them not once, but twice!
- he is going back to school, and staying the whole day probably 3 days/week. 

Gastrointestinal doctor does not see any blockages in his intestines, so we're not sure what exactly is causing bowel issues, but for right now we're focusing on getting him and his intestines stronger and regular. 

Otherwise, we're doing homework, playing Minecraft, reading books and apps about planets and molecules, watching movies (we even watched the Oscars) and waiting for Mad Max and Avengers to be released this summer. 
We have seen all the Aliens and Predator movies (9 all together) and were extatic to hear last week that one of our favorite directors will be directing another Alien movie. 
(He is a bit disappointed that none of his classmates know the difference between 6 or so different Predator types.)

He'll have scheduled check-up scans next week, and we'll post more as that gets underway. 

Grateful for many things:
- Nice weather coming up, phones will be unattended as we plan on playing lots of soccer. (Futbol as we call it.)
- Jack trying new foods, getting mobile and pooping without pain
- Chase being supportive and pushing Jack to try harder. (The other week they walked 20 minutes one way, 20 minutes in the store, and then 20 minutes back, to get supplies to make dart blowguns.) 

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