Thursday, February 20, 2014

Busy, Busy

The past two days have seen more excitement (not sure if that's the word) than I can handle.

On Tuesday evening, while Jack was chomping on bacon, some small pieces got stuck in one of his back teeth. He grabbed his handy-dandy flosser and was successful at both removing the bacon bits and cracking his tooth in half. (I seriously have no idea how this is possible.) A few minutes later, he was showing me chucks of tooth that he was pulling out. 
We called the dentist first thing Wednesday morning and by noon he was sitting in the dentist chair, gums numbed, and getting the remaining shards of tooth pulled. I guess chemo is hard on the teeth and can cause all sorts of issues. That was yesterday.

Today, the little dude was still having urgency and frequent urination issues. It's been a week after surgery and we didn't think it should still be an issue. We thought maybe he had a urinary tract infection, or something along those lines. We called the doctor, and they had us come up for an ultra sound. Long story short, bladder needed a bit of rest, and they put a catheter in that needs to stay in until Saturday. Jack was rather mad at me and told me it was all my fault for calling the doctor.. which gave the doctor a little chuckle. Not a pleasant experience at all. Whew! This one definitely earned a trip to Toys R Us.

But on the positive note, doctor said Jack looks great, healing up super good and we don't need to see him on Tuesday.

Fingers crossed that the rule of threes is just hocus-pocus. Friday will be awesome, right?!

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