Friday, February 7, 2014

A Little Change Of Plans

A little delay in our plans...

The scans from the past two days indicate that a little tumor still remains in his pelvis area. (About 3cm. in size)
The surgeon has scheduled us for a surgery to remove it on Wednesday, so that will delay the transplant procedure. 

Jack is not overly upset, he gets to have one more surgery bear. 

This weekend we plan on staying pretty active, maybe catch the LEGO movie, maybe make a snowman. 

I'm actually happy we get some more time before the transplant, as that gives us more time to fatten him up. 

Jack and Sarah made a surprise visit to my work today and brought some cookies to boot. 

Here is a collage of pics from Thursday:

Today, I'm grateful for:
- surgeon catching the hiding tumor,
- oh yeah, the scans showing his bones are still clean, and there is no spread beyond that one tumor,
- having more time to get my little Hansel fattened up
- doing some light yoga and weights with him. 

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