Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Checked in at UNMC

We're all checked in -- Room 7458 is our new home for the next few weeks --- 7th floor looking down at the helicopter pad. Had quite the day of what I would call "information overload," lots to absorb. I would  compare our consultation similar to a prescription drug commercial... you hear it all, the good, bad and ugly. :)  
It's great here-- different from Children's, but we like it so far. We took a peek in the gift shop, Jack was wanting to see if there was anything of interest -- nothing really for kids except stuffed animals, which he said no way. 

Today to pass a bit of time we explored Nebraska Furniture Mart (Disneyland of the Plains.) We had fun looking and wishing. :)
Here's Jack and a Halo guy.

Plan for the week -- today is hydration. They'll hook him up to some maintenance fluid through out the night. We start chemo at 6 AM tomorrow. 
Buslufan for four days, a day of rest, Melphelan for one day and then next Wednesday is transplant day. 
We're told that the kids usually do pretty good with the chemo part, it's about 7-10 days after when he will starting to feel crummy. We'll just play it by ear and see how it goes.

 I'll post pics of our room tomorrow. We have it all decorated and it's looking a bit more homey.
Today we're grateful for: 
- an easy and carefree day for Jack.
- great doctors (half the doctors split their time between here and Children's) and nurses.
- Chase and Tibor living it up at home without us -- we'll see how long they can eat frozen crap food.
Cook boys, cook. You can do it! :) 


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