Thursday, February 13, 2014

Home, Safe And Sound

Jack was released around 3 PM today and in good spirits. 

He's a little but sore from the surgery, but we have some pain meds that take the edge off. 

He was actually able to go to Toys 'R Us and get a couple of toys. That's always a good way to get him stretched out and walking. 

Today was the day the puppies visit the kids at Children's, so here's a pic of Jack and Roxie:

We're taking it easy now and watching Olympics. 

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  1. Great news!! Isn't it just amazing what the doctors can do and then they always share pictures, too! It sounds like Jack is doing great with this whole process! So thankful he has such strong and caring parents like you two and such a supportive brother like Chase!! Thanks for your updates! We appreciate every single one of them and think of you often. Always in our prayers!! Traci & Ron