Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Surgery Update

Surgery #5 -----> Sucessful
Tumor #2   -----> Removed

Jack is doing good this evening. He's drinking and ate half a gram cracker. (6:00 PM)
Surgeon removed the tumor - measured about 4cm and was the shape of an egg. It was nestled quite comfortably between his pelvic wall and rectum.  It didn't grow or spread, so that is good.... I mean GREAT news! Jack has four teeny-tiny incisions and a larger one in the same place (below the bikini line) where they removed the first one. He's one tuff cookie I tell ya. 

If the pain stays under control, we'll go home tomorrow afternoon. Recovery time is 10-14 days and then we're off to transplant at UNMC. 

Pic - Tumor bagged and ready to be sent to lab. They bag the tumor while it's still inside him.

Today I'm grateful for:
- Tumor not spreading.
- Jack so far doing great, but I guess it is #5, the nurses are starting to recognize us in the surgery area.
- Tibor and I staying positive. It's easy to let the roller coaster of emotions get to you, but we are strong together and not letting the stress get in-between us. 

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