Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tests And Scans

Today was day two of three of running tests and scans in Omaha. 

Jack had a pulmonary test yesterday to see if there was any chemo related damage to his lung elasticity and apparently there is not. So that is great. 

He also had EKG test, but that just got sent to the doctors. Maybe they'll discuss that with us on Tuesday when we go in for a consultation. 

Today we had an MIBG scan, and they'll have us repeat it tomorrow to get a more detailed look. He also has a CT scan scheduled for tomorrow. 

Also today he had an audio test, and there is some hearing damage due to the chemo. It's not as bad as it could be, and he doesn't require hearing aids. He is basically at 92-96% normal hearing. In a crowded room he'd have a hard time telling apart higher frequency sounds like S, F, or Th. 

We also met with a nutrition specialist so we can all prepare for his nutritional needs for the next phase of treatment. (The transplant, where they'll give him a strong dose of chemo, and then give him back (transplant) his blood they harvested a while back. That starts next Wednesday.)

Here is what a pulmonary test chamber looks like:

Today I'm grateful for:

- clear roads. Thank you Nebraska dept. of roads, or whoever is responsible for keeping the interstate clean.
- LEGO blocks.. They're fun to get, fun to put together, and fun to rebuild over and over. 
- hearing damage not being any worse. (Cisplatin, that's the chemo that does the damage, he had two cycles of it, and we're hopefully done with it.) 

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