Monday, February 3, 2014

Schedule for this week

We had a great weekend! A Sunday visit with family, a great lunch at Lazlo's and we kinda watched the Super Bowl. Since we're such big sports fans around here, we decided to go against the grain - and cheered on the Sea Hawks... and look, they won!

Jack is all healed up (well sort of) and pain free. He and Chase are back to running around the house like cops and robbers. I always joke that the weekends to Jack and I are no biggie... oh look, another day we're home, Yippie!  The weekends adds more bodies in the house, more dishes, more cooking and maybe, sometimes, arguing. Not Tibor and I (we're angels) but the boys have their bouts here and there. They usually work it out, but if it gets out of control, the threat of no screen time if they don't shape up is a sure way to end the mischief.

Our schedule for this week - all appointments are at UNMC.
Tuesday: Labs, pulmonary function test, EKG, and he'll get injected (through his central line) with radioisotope.
Wednesday: Hearing test, MIBG scan and meeting with a dietary specialist.
Thursday: CT scan, possibly more MIBG scans.

We have an admitting date of next Wednesday, February 12th to start the transplant. (Consultation with the doctors the day before.) That means we have one more weekend at home before the big stay. We need to come up with a great plan.
These are Jack's ideas:
- see new Lego movie - comes out on Friday so perfect timing!
- stay up all night playing the PS4 until he falls asleep in his chair while playing. (Dad does not approve!)
- drive to Texas, or see the Eiffel Tower, Arch in St. Louis or Statue of Liberty in NY --- he can't decide which.

I'm thankful for:
- great weekend. And the house is still clean today!
- Root Beer (Jack's beta fish) doing good. It was touch and go for a few days. He's all good now.
- seeing Jack run around and horse around with Chase.
- how about them Seahawks!?

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