Thursday, January 30, 2014

Surgery went well

Surgery went well today. Jack is a little sore, but Tylenol seems to take the edge off the discomfort. We were home early afternoon and had a relaxing afternoon shooting up bad guys on the PS4.

We'll find out bone marrow results in the next day or two. I did ask about his first biopsy again and our doctor confirmed it came back negative. (Which is a good thing, negative for traces of cancer in the marrow.) We had a slight (yea.. not exactly how I would describe it) miscommunication during his last treatment, and was told by the ARPN (assistant nurse) that she thought the first biospy was positive. Which then I had a slight meltdown and called Tibor to pick his memory. Saying prayers for biopsy results to stay negative. 

Pics: Jack after surgery playing the Nintendo DS. He got keep his port and just one steri-strip showing where they removed it. 

We're thankful today for
- surgery going smoothly,
- good weather for driving to the hospital,
- Chase being very mature and carrying more than his own weight when we're busy with Jack,
- Jack being a trooper and continuing to make it easy on the hospital staff,
- Scooters coffee -- oh do I love their coffee! They have a location right by our house that makes it more than convenient to drive though to grab a coffee on our way out of town. 

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