Monday, January 20, 2014

Got A Little Infusion Today

Jack's temperature has been keeping at bay, so there were no trips to the ER. 
Sarah did take him to Saint Elizabeth's for a little infusion of platelets. Jack's appetite made a sudden and welcoming appearance this afternoon. While at the infusion center, he had a snack of graham crackers and apple juice, and upon returning home he ate a whole taco, a dozen tater tots, two glasses of water and a cookie. Hopefully tomorrow the doctor will give thumbs up to stop fluid.

Tomorrow morning, he's off to Children's for a checkup. In the coming days he'll have some more CT and MIBG scans and tests to establish baselines for his cardiovascular functions, and compare his hearing to pre-chemo levels.

Here is a little collage of us being goofy:

Today I'm grateful for:
- a long weekend,
- playing video games and watching funny vides with my boys,
- only two Neupogen shots left. Not that it's a big deal anymore, it just makes the bedtime routine longer. 

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