Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Follow Up Appointment

Jack and I spent the better part of our day at Children's in the Infusion Center getting more tummy meds and hydration. Our pharmacy didn't have two of the meds in stock, so they're ordered and we had today's dose in the Infusion Center.

Jack has an appetite, but nothing stays down. It doesn't matter how bland, sweet or fried the food is, it comes back up 2-4 hours later. Last night Jack was hungry at 11:00 PM, so after throwing up already twice, we weren't sure what to give him that might have a chance at staying down. He wanted some grapes and peanut butter. (sounds like a weird combo, but it's really tasty.) Tibor and I were chatting this morning how happy we were that Jack didn't make a mad dash to the bathroom last night. On the way to Omaha, lets just say thank goodness I have a few of those blue bags tucked away by his seat for emergencies. It was the same for the ride home too. Poor little dude.
He's on fluid 24/hrs now until his tummy calms down and he can keep food down. We'll check in with the doctor daily to let them know how's he doing. I'm hoping in a few days, we'll get over this hump.

What's going on in our house tonight:

Tibor has discovered the BEIN channel - soccer all day, every day. Soccer or Cartoon Network, my vote is neither, I'd rather tweeze out every eyebrow hair I have than watch either.
Chase came home, did his homework and then is on the computer playing games with friends from school. He pops his head out a precisely 6:00 PM stating that he is famished and he can't possibly wait another minute for dinner. When I ask for help, he makes a mad dash back to his computer.
So.... tonight I may take longer cooking dinner than normal.
Jack is my multi tasker, he has no troubles playing on his iPad, watching an episode of Good Luck Charlie, ears tuned in to any conversations going on around him and eating a snack. If a cat is near by, he'll give them a little pet with his toes. He usually has a Nerf gun in reaching distance incase of Chase coming by and causing him trouble.
Me, I'm sending out our Happy New Year and some Thank You cards. A bit late, but they're going out by tomorrow. House is a bit of a mess, but it will have to wait until tomorrow, I'm tired.

There you have it, a day with the Moldovan family, intriguing huh? Ha! :)

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