Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Legislative Bill 764

A bill is being submitted to Nebraska's legislature, LB764, which proposes to allocate $1.8 million out of Nebraska's general fund to UNMC for pediatric cancer research. 
The bill would not raise any new taxes, but would dip slightly into the existing general fund, at the cost of one dollar per Nebraska resident. 

A few things to note about pediatric cancers... Children do not get cancers in as great numbers as adults do. (Kids are healthier, they get more exercise, they don't smoke and drink, etc.) 
As a result, pediatric cancers are not understood or researched as well as adult cancers. Drugs are not tested on children, so their side effects are not completely established and understood. 
The more research that can be done, the better our protocols for dealing with cancer will be. This will improve survivability, recovery and quality of life for our little ones. 

If you would like to voice your support for this bill, please email the following senators and request their support:

hmello@leg.ne.gov, jharms@leg.ne.gov, kbolz@leg.ne.gov, dconrad@leg.ne.gov, bkintner@leg.ne.gov, tlarson@leg.ne.gov, jnelson@leg.ne.gov, jnordquist@leg.ne.gov, jwightman@leg.ne.gov

The bill:

And, as a disclaimer, I don't expect this bill would have any effect on Jack's battle, this is something we need to do for future generations. 

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