Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All set for surgery tomorrow

This afternoon we ran a few errands and enjoyed the nice weather and fresh air. Grabbed a few of things at Sam's Club, stopped by the Lincoln Zoo and then off to the Children's Museum where we spent time running around and being silly. It was great! Tibor took the afternoon off to hang out with us, we had a good time together. 

For dinner, Jack wanted Raising Canes. The kid is in love, and I mean in LOVE with their chicken strips, fries and garlic toast. Oh and don't forget the lemonade. It has become our new dinner tradition when he goes in for treatment or surgery to go out and eat, his choice of course. They have a new  location coming soon on the north side - about 27th and Cornhusker. The kid is stoked! 

Tibor emailed the senators regarding our support for the LB764 bill today and we heard back from Danielle Conrad with a great response. Fingers crossed that she and the other senators have lots of emails with positive supports filling their inboxes. 

Hoping for a quick surgery tomorrow and back home in the late afternoon. He wants to keep his Power Port, I'm pretty sure the surgeon will let him hang onto that. What he plans to do with it, I didn't even ask. 
It should be a quick surgery to remove his port, which is not used very much, since they've installed the central line, and they'll get bone marrow samples throug a biopsy. In and out, we should be home tomorrow afternoon. 

Today I'm thankful for:
-having an awesome chat with my brother. He lives in Texas and looking forward to seeing him this summer,
- nice weather today,
- Tibor taking time off to hang with us -- I think he misses us sometimes during the day. 

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