Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chemo Is Going In

Today's hospital admitting was very efficient. 
Jack was checked into a room without much waiting and was ready to start receiving chemo around 6 PM. That bodes pretty well for the release time which should be some time on Saturday. 

He is doing really good at the moment. He ate chicken nuggets for lunch, grilled cheese and ramans for dinner, and is snacking on KitKats now. He's also been drinking water pretty steadily. Hopefully all that food will clear the stomach before nausea kicks in. 

Here is what one type of chemo looks like (etoposide).  (The clear cylinder on the left.) Jack gets all of his chemo drugs intravenously, but in certain cases they can also be given as pills or potable liquids. 

He will get a cocktail of three different drugs, and they all take about an hour or two each. 
That is not bad. For his last cycle, one of the drugs was running for 24 hours, during which he couldn't leave the floor. Now at least he can go for walks around the hospital. 

This is the view from our room, looking eastward at Dodge St. :

Today I'm grateful for:
- spending time on my birthday with my family,
- easy admittance, makes Sarah's and Jack's visit easier,
- timely start for chemo infusion. 

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