Friday, January 10, 2014

Day 4 or I think ... I'm starting to lose track of my days

Room 612 has not been a fun and exciting room for the past few days. On Thursday morning, the side effects of chemo made a "Hello I'm here and sorry I'm late" visit. Not the ideal visitor I was hoping for. Jack was in bed all day yesterday hugging the yellow bucket. Doctor added another anti nausea med to his list, this was number six to get his gurgly tummy under control. Finally at 6:00 last night, right as they were starting chemo (6:00 PM is what time we start this go around) he decided to get up and walk around the room a bit. Gradually he started feeling a bit better, so we went to the toy room to play Ants in My Pants and a few rounds of Mario Kart. Later in the evening he was a brave kid and  declared he was going to try and eat something. Hot dog, Cheetos and apple juice to drink. He ate about half, which I was pretty excited.

The night was long like every night here, I'm up every 90 minutes whispering in his ear "it's time to go the bathroom." At 6:00AM, instead of the soft strumming of my iPhone alarm, it was "mom, grab the bucket." Not a good start to the morning. He's been laying around today, declared he's not tired as he is dozing in and out. (This is one of those arguments I don't even touch. I nod and smile.) 
We took a walk this afternoon and meet a little girl down the hall from us. She's the same age as Jack and had/has brain cancer. She's celebrating her last 'scheduled' chemo treatment and was talking about her trip to Disneyland in April. She's the sweetest thing ever.

Tonight, we went downstairs for movie night - How to Train Your Dragon is playing and then we meet LaMya, (the little girl we met earlier) in the atrium to fly some remote control helicopters. He had soooo much fun, It was heartwarming to see Jack smile and giggle again.

I ordered him some dinner tonight, a little of this and that, hoping he'll pick at it and eat a few bites.
He declined the smorgasbord. (even the ice cream) Maybe later on tonight he'll want a little snack, even a midnight snack is fine by me. Ice cream-- sure thing! :)

Home Healthcare came in this morning and trained me how to hook up the maintenance fluid for a few days when we get home. It's really important that he's at least drinking a liter a day to make sure the chemo is flushed out of his body. Last time around when he went home, he didn't do so hot, so this is hoping to prevent dehydration and a trip in the Infusion center for fluids.

Other than that, nothing to exciting to report. No visitors, he's just not up to seeing anyone this time around. (it's one of the harder treatments) 
(Left Pic: Down stairs in the Atrium today, he likes to throw pennies in the fountain.
Top right: Jack and LaMya chatting and flying the helicopter.
Bottom right: Jack playing Minecraft on his iPad)

Today I'm thankful for:
- last chemo treatment! Yay! Way to go champ!
- looking forward to going home and seeing Chase and Tibor.
- so proud of Chase getting accepted into the IB program at Lincoln High. Congrats! 
- the hugs, smiles, warm wishes and silent prayers we have received from all our family, friends and kind strangers. 

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