Thursday, January 16, 2014

Everything Stayed Down Today.

Day is not over yet, but we've had first 24 hours without vomiting today (since getting released from the hospital.) Hopefully that trend will continue over the next few days, and we can get Jack back on a higher calorie diet. 
Today was all about small portions and fun foods. Cereal, gogurt, ice cream and goldfish crackers. He even had a BM, after which he declared "Now, that feels good."

The chemicals used in this round of chemo can have serious side effects, so the hospital outfitted us with a pump and a few liters of IV fluids to make sure everything gets flushed out of his system. This makes him get up at night a couple of times, but luckily he goes right back to sleep. 

He had a blood lab done today, his counts are going down, so we're on a fever watch for the next couple of weeks. 

Otherwise, it's "steady as she goes". 

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