Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Update

Jack's counts have hit rock bottom, which means he has no energy, appetite is pretty much non existent and he's looking pretty pale. His temp has been like a roller coaster for the past two days. We made a call to the doctor last night at 11PM with a temp, and then as we were about it walk out, it had dropped. After calling the doctor back, she said no ER, just watch it closely through the night. (I was doing a happy dance -- I very much dislike doing to the ER)

Today the weather was gorgeous, but little dude declined a short motorcycle ride around the block, a Nerf gun battle and didn't even want to go outside. He was camped out on the couch, channel surfing in PJs all day. He's still on continuous fluids, so at least he's getting hydrated and will eat a few hundred calories a day. Tonight, Chase wanted Ego Waffles and Jack pipped in and was game for one too. Of course we were out, so I ran to the store and grabbed a box. He ate a waffle. Yay!

We have labs and a dressing change tomorrow. I'm pretty sure they will schedule a blood transfusion for Tuesday. After a blood transfusion, it's pretty amazing how quick (within 24 hours) he will start to get color back in his checks, will have more energy and his appetite will start to come back. It's like a whole new Jack. He's a lot more agreeable too.

Today I'm grateful for:
- AWESOME January weather.
- no trips to ER this weekend.
- my sis and Jason watching the kids for a few hours so Tibor and I could sneak away for a few hours.

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