Monday, January 13, 2014

Having A Hard Time Keeping Food Down

Things are going OK, Jack gets hungry and eats, but shortly afterwards everything comes back up. 
He doesn't really have nausea, his stomach just can't handle much. 

Small, high calorie meals work the best, but he gets pretty hungry and wants to eat some more. 
He is eating grapes and peanut butter now, hopefully that will stay down overnight. 
We're used to the whole song and dance by now, so no one is too stressed out. In a few days at most, the vomiting should stop. 

His blood counts are still fine, so he still has lots of energy and is pretty active. In a couple of days, his levels will start dropping, and that's when he'll start getting tired and will need more rest, and more high calorie foods. 

But, things are going well, all things considered.

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