Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Update

It was a quiet weekend around our house, a bit of traveling on Friday to see family followed by a relaxing day of movie watching back home on Sunday. Jack had labs on Friday- they came back good so no Neupogen shots for a while.

Surgery has been moved up to Thursday at 10AM. (no urgent reason, just a scheduling conflict)
We'll be there at 8AM with an EKG and Echocardiogram scheduled before surgery. These tests are not necessary for the surgery, but just done while we wait -- saves us a trip to Omaha. The purpose of repeating these tests again are so doctors can compare the heart damage, if any, before and after chemo treatment. I know there is an Audiogram test also, but that has to be done in a special sound proof room. I guess we'll see if time allows for that.

Dressing change today, nothing  exciting to report on that.

Jack and I watched a few episodes of Buying Alaska on the Discovery Channel. We've decided this would be an awesome family vacation maybe in the next few years. Drive time --56 hours and 6 minutes. Hummm... that seems like a very long time in the car with two boys.

Little dude is weighing in at 43 lbs. Hoping to gain a few extra pounds in the next few weeks. He's eating pretty good so far.

I'm grateful for:
- spending time with family this weekend.
- a no hassle dinner tonight. Roast, carrots and potatoes in the crockpot for dinner tonight -- the house smells heavenly! Fingers crossed it tastes as good as it smells.
- tomorrow is my day to go into work, Yay! I always look forward to getting out of the house and having adult conversations.

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