Monday, February 17, 2014

Still a bit sore, but doing good

It was a long, but fun weekend at our house, Jack was up quite a few times every night-- sore tummy and restless. We'd give him more pain medicine and he would be good to go. During laparoscopic surgery, they use a lot of air to look around and his tummy is still swollen and tender. Slowly but surely, every day is a bit better. 
We did go outside a little today and enjoyed the nice weather. 

Jack is still talking about his visit to school. He was pretty sore, but wanted to see his friends and join the Valentine's Day party. We were only there for 45 minutes and he is excited to go back. Hopefully before we go to transplant, we can make some more visits to school.

Follow up with surgery on the 25th and then we'll see what's next. 

Today we're greatful for:
- no fever or infection after surgery.
- Jack's sense of humor returning-- he's starting to feel a little better.
- long weekend -- Happy President's Day! 

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