Sunday, February 23, 2014

Busy Weekend

Our weekend started on Friday with a fantastic fundraiser/soup cook off by my NDE and VR coworkers. 
Jack and Sarah were there, and once Jack found the lottery tickets meant for the guests, he was everyone's best friend, charming them out of their lottery winnings. The gathering was fantastic. It was nice for people to see and meet Jack, and it was a great opportunity to socialize and get to know coworkers from our "sister" agency. 
Many, many thanks to organizers, "caterers", and everyone else who participated, donated, or just joined us for an excellent lunch. 
And wow, it wouldn't be right not to mention all of the amazing soups cooked up by everyone. 

Jack was not in the mood for soup, but he enjoyed some cupcakes when he got home. 

And later in the evening is about when the trouble started...
His catheter had been bothering him, but that was par for the course. It would be coming out on Saturday, so we were just waiting it out. But, before going to bed, his pee was dark brown, almost bloody/pink. Naturally, that can be cause for panic, but we gave him a juice to drink and a glass of water to see if it will clear up. 
Fortunately it did, quite a bit, but it was pretty late by the time we got to check it. And his morning pee was nice and normal looking, which was a great relief. 
I suspect the brown sample was due to him not drinking much, and/or pee sitting in his catheter bag for a while. 

The catheter did come out that (Saturday) morning, we let Jack pull it out, and it wasn't a big deal...
Soon, we were on the road to his grandpa's house, an hour and a half north of us. 
He started having a bowel movement, for which we stopped four or five times before we got there, but nothing came out...
He continued rushing to the bathroom all the way into the evening, in pain, and with the familiar "gotta go" urgency, but again and again, nothing would come out. He was pretty miserable. 
So, a little dose of milk of magnesia was given, and luckily took its effect quite rapidly, and with great success. Think "Dumb and Dumber" scene where Harry goes to the bathroom...

With his catheter out and BM complete, Jack ate a bowl of Mini Wheats, went to bed and slept great. 
Our Sunday was great, he ate like a rock star, must be grandpa's cooking, and played with cousins there and at my sister's house. 

Tomorrow, we'll be starting twice a daily stool softener/laxative, to keep things moving. 

Nothing really on our schedule treatment wise, we're waiting for surgery to OK him to proceed with the transplant. 

I'm grateful for:

- the first annual Souper Bowl ;)
- his pee being clear,
- milk of magnesia, and other tried and true medicines,
- playing with cousins
- Mini Wheats, Sloppy Joes (loosemeats), Wendy's chicken nuggets, Melanee's brownies, popcorn, Cheese It crackers, and anything else my little Starvin' Marvin may eat tonight.  

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