Saturday, March 1, 2014

Transplant - Chemo Day 3

Quick update -- Jack is getting settled in more and more everyday. Chemo is still going well, no gurgley tummy and he's still eating like a champ. Tibor and Chase came up for the weekend and will stay/sleep at the Lied Transplant Center Hotel that's connected to the hospital. Since Jack is a patient, we have access to a room for family. 

It was an afternoon of laying low and playing video games. It was great having more bodies in the room keeping Jack entertained. 

Schedule for the next few days:
Sunday -- last day of Buslufan
Monday -- rest day with just IV fluid
Tuesday -- Melphelan
Wednesday -- transplant day (meaning they'll give him back his blood stem cells they collected a while back, and those will find their way to his bone marrow, graft/settle in, and help it produce new blood. One of the side effects of Busulfan and Melphan is the destruction of bone marrow. His blood stem cells should rebuild it.)

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