Monday, March 17, 2014

Transplant - Day 12- Engraftment Day 4

Happy St. Patrick's day! We're rocking out here today and sporting all sorts of green fun today.
Nothing exciting to report, just a fun day of pics.

We jammed out with Jess, the music therapist. She has taught Jack six chords on his ukulele. He was rocking the house. Thank you to Tibor's cousins for sending him some instruments. Who knows, maybe when we get home, we'll start a band.

I covered Jack's head in some tattoos. Thank you Cheryl for sending a card with some pretty cool tattoos. He passed a few out to the nurses who forgot to wear green today. None of them would put the "Kiss me I'm Irish" tatoo on their check though.

Heard good news when the docs made their rounds -- hopefully, finger and toes crossed, we'll get released Wednesday or Thursday.
In preparation for leaving this week, they took Jack off fluids during the day to see how much he's drinking on his own. If not enough, we'll go home on fluids again. (He's doing good, I don't think we will need fluids at home.) No more IV meds, all are oral now. He's eating better day, he's even talking about food again. So far, so good. Yippie!

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