Thursday, March 13, 2014

Transplant - Day 8

Sarah needed a night to rest so I came in to spend the night with Jack. 
He is going through a bout of diarrhea, which makes nights particularly tricky. 
He had to run to the bathroom 6 times between 10 and 2 am, with one of those being a blowout, needing a bedding change and a change of clothes. 
We slept pretty good from 6 am to 9 am. 
During the day he's better, in the morning he takes a shower, the doctors do their rounds, we looked at some sticker books, then the music teacher came and then the math and reading teacher. 

Music was pretty cool, I helped out on the drums, as Jack informed the instructor that I took a drumming class in college. (I did better in computer science than in that drumming class, so that should tell you about my musical capabilities.)

Other than the loose stool, which irritates his skin down there, he's doing good. 
His blood pressure is good, no temperature, blood levels are OK, no transfusion today, and his white counts seem to be on the rise a bit. It may be neupogen, or his own body making them. It's a positive sign though. 
Doctors are not overtly concerned about diarrhea, for now they're just watching it to see if it will just run its course. 

His feeding tube can become disconnected easily, not a big deal, sometimes it just leaks out on his pants and then we need another change of clothes. 

Washing clothes is a bit odd, the nearest laundry facilities are four floors down, then down a long hallway, then two floors up. Not a big deal, just a bit uncomfortable carrying a bag of skivvies around all the doctors and staff. 

(Oh yeah, since Sarah is gone, I've been growing out my beard.)

Today I'm grateful for:
- Sarah, doing a tremendous job during this treatment,
- medical technology that enables a safe bone marrow transplant and nutrition without eating,
- music teacher coming in to brighten Jack's day and teach him about music, 
- Jack staying strong and positive, and reacting well to the transplant. 

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