Friday, March 7, 2014

Transplant - Day 2

So far, so good. Jack's counts are still holding on, no blood transfusion today. His appetite is not exactly rock star status like earlier last week. We have talked about mechanical eating -- not sure if he's going to be down with that. I have lots of snacks and what not.. even grabbed some microwave popcorn.. isn't everyone hungry after smelling popcorn?! This could be my secret weapon when all else fails.
I'm quite certain while in the hospital, you enter into this twilight portal of time. The days either fly by or drag on and on forever. So far, this is day ten in the hospital, I've had only one day fly by. So unfair.

Jess, the music therapist has spent some time with Jack the last couple of days. She brings in her guitar, a cart of instruments, (Jack is a big fan of the drums) and the two of them sing, laugh, write some music and sing songs together. Next week the plan is to finalize the lyrics and record the song. I'll be sure to post that next week.

I forgot, Jack was on the news earlier -- you can check it out here:

Looking forward to the weekend ... Chase and Tibor are coming for a visit. Tibor did come up for a few hours on Thursday and brought Jack some chinese from Great Wall. He was pretty happy. I might sneak out for a few hours on Saturday ... get some fresh air, and maybe (most defiantly I should say) take a nice interupted nap. We'll see.  

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