Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Transplant - Day 7

Jack had a fever Tuesday - 100.6, blood cultures were drawn and he's on an antibiotic for seven days. Probably just a neutropenic fever (body freaking out a bit because of low white count), but they don't take any chances. Blood cultures are brewing in the lab for five days--- making sure no green boogie monster (like a common cold) shows up in the petri dish.

White count is at 0. (Second day now) Hemoglobin, don't remember what his count was, but low enough to require some blood. B- is his blood type. 

NG tube was placed yesterday afternoon. Nurse did an awesome job, X-Ray came in to double check, and doctor okayed placement. Jack said afterwards that it wasn't that bad, just was freaked out not knowing what it was going to feel like. (don't blame the little dude on that!)
He will receive 1300 calories a day, (we're slowly working up to that) the liquid looks a bit like milk. The more he eats, the less "liquid food" he will receive. 
All meds go through his tube now. No stress to eat, drink or take meds. He is eating a bit now. Mostly snack foods.

Now we just wait for those white cells to make their grand entrance. 

After too many days of not enough sleep (two weeks we've been up here), I'm going home for the night. Tibor took off a day or two  to hang out with Jack. Looking forward to a day at home. My own bed, bathroom and kitchen to cook whatever it is I'm craving. 

I'm thankful for:
- Jack being a trooper through all this: blood draw last night, rough night of diareha coming and going (it's common) and NG tube yesterday. Kid deserves a medal. 
- Thank you soooo much to Tibor's co-workers making 'ready to go meals' for my two guys at home. I have heard all good things and you may need to forward me the recipes. 

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