Friday, March 14, 2014

Transplant - Day 9 - Engraftment Day 1

Quick Friday update.

White count and Jack's cells are starting to engraft! Yippie! Hooray!

Jack's white count is on its way back. Yesterday is was 300, today it's a whopping 1,500.
So that puts us at Engraftment Day 1. I know.... this day, that day, that have all these beginning days to all the phases.

In order to be released, Jack needs: three plus days of engraftment, white count, ANC, hemoglobin and platelets need to be certain numbers for so many days, no fevers, he's eating and drinking and he is able to hop on one foot blind folded while counting backwards. Yes, it's quite the list. (joking of course on the last part.) But they want him to be healthy so we're not checking back in a day later with a fever. Next week he'll be released if all goes well in the next few days - not sure if that means Tuesday or Friday. I'm just happy to hear next week.

Today his tummy must have been too full with liquid food, he vomited and up came the NG tube. He told the doctor he's gonna eat, drink and take his meds or else -- it goes back in. Tonight he did ok, we took it slow. Tomorrow fingers crossed he wakes up craving a stack of pancakes and bacon. He's looking good and weighing in at 43lbs.

As his counts come back, his body is starting to heal itself - throat and mouth sores are getting better, he's not as tired, appetite is slowing coming back and diarrhea is staring to calm down. He says food doesn't taste the same. But that will all come back in the next few weeks.
We're not totally in the free and clear yet, lots of things to watch out for in the next few weeks, a big one is veins in the liver becoming blocked. We're on the watch for that the next few weeks along with infection and fevers. I'll be happy when we get to day 30 and then to day 100.

Tibor and Chase are joining us again this weekend in our small pad on the 7th floor. I'm guessing video games and PS4. Something similar to last weekend and the weekend before. 

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