Sunday, March 9, 2014

Transplant - Day 4

Things are going well at UNMC. 

Jack has a bit of trouble taking his evening medicines, which messes up his sleep schedule. He usually gags and vomits the first round, and then needs to wait an hour before the second round of pills is reordered and ready. 
Vomiting can also increase the risk of mouth sores as well as rob him of much needed calories. 
But we've learned not to give him dinner until after he vomits. 

His appetite is definitely going down, but it's been worse. Yesterday, he had two pieces of toast and jelly, a doughnut with milk, half a slice of pizza and a few bites of popcorn. So, he's eating something. 
Thankfully no mouth sores yet. 

So, with all of the night time excitement, his counts going down and making him tired, lower calorie intake, IV fluids going through him, he sleeps pretty hard and he soaked the bed twice  each night for the past couple of days, so Sarah didn't get much sleep either. We'll get some pull-ups to at least help with that. 

Other than that, he's in good spirits, he pushes his own pole when walking around the floor and enjoys his video games. 

Overall, he is doing OK. Nights are hard, but days are fine. He's moving, eating and no mouth sores, so that's good. (No feeding tube yet! It may well come, but he may just be stubborn enough to force himself to eat and take pills on his own. We'll see.)

Today, I'm grateful for:
- spending the weekend with Sarah and Jack. (The house is pretty quiet without them.)
- Chase generously donating his prized play station to Jack for the hospital stay. (I think Jack is touched by the gesture, as he told me he wants to buy a game for Chase once he's out.)
- internet and video games. While we do have activity books and games, and he does schoolwork with tutors, there is still a lot of down time. His electronics certainly play a big part in keeping him entertained and active. 

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