Monday, November 11, 2013

Three Day Weekend

We had a super nice long weekend here. 

On Saturday, we did a bunch of maintenance around the yard and the house and the cars, getting ready for the winter. We got a few rocket engines too, but haven't fired them yet. 

On Sunday, we had a fantastic day with my host family (the Uhings) visiting and catching up. Jack thoroughly enjoyed company and attention and was sad to see them leave. 

Today, it was he and I at home, and we read books, played video games (Team Fortress 2), and, get this -- set up his own Apple ID so he can get his own apps. 

He's been eating surprisingly good, knock on wood, so I'm happy about that. 

If everything holds steady, he should be starting a round of chemo (fourth cycle) on Friday. 

I'm thankful for: 

- a fantastic weekend all around. Got a bunch of stuff done, great visit with relatives, Blackshirts doing their stuff,
- playing TF2 with Jack. (I showed him the importance of properly placing, defending and maintaining a sentry gun. It's a father-son thing.)

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