Sunday, November 3, 2013

He's Doing Good, But It's Still Touch And Go With Food

Well, we're still trying to go a day without vomiting, I'm hoping maybe tomorrow. 
This afternoon Jack did have a protein mix with ice cream, and a little bowl of cereal, and then requested Cane's chicken strips, of which he ate one. 
On the way back from Canes we recited our favorite Spongebob skits. As far as I'm concerned Spongebob is right up there with Johnny Carson and Groucho Marx when it comes to funnin' around. 

Greasy food is not the best for his stomach, but he really wanted it. I sure hope it stays down tonight. 
Also, he hasn't had a BM in about a week, but he hasn't had too many solids either, so I'm not too concerned. 
He is peeing good and tooting, so at least things are moving. 

He had a trip to the ER last night, nothing serious, we weren't sure if his central line was properly flushed, so we wanted a trained professional to look at it. 
I'll elaborate more on the line flushing and maintenance in the next few days. 
Anyway, everything was nominal, and he was home soon after the visit. 

He's in bed now, so we're hoping for a quiet, uneventful night, and maybe Skyping with his class tomorrow. 

Today my grateful list includes:
- Jack earring the protein mix and ice cream. In the past he refused to touch it, but today he really liked it. That mix packs a nutritious punch, so if we get him to like it, that'd be great. And it actually tastes very good. (Let's just say the other half didn't get thrown away... Yum, yum)
- Sarah doing all the technical stuff, like flushing his line and giving him his nightly shot,
- Chase's friend spending the night last night and helping Jack feel included. 

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