Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Update

The last few days have been pretty touch and go with the little guy. Between nausea and decreased/nonexistent appetite, he hadn't really eaten or kept anything from Monday until today. And considering he had a surgery last Wednesday, his fuel tank has been pretty low. 
He did have breakfast today, a little bit for lunch, and seems to be excited about dinner. So I think we've made it over that hump. 

We tried to go trick or treating, but he got tired before we reached the first house, so he helped hand out the candy. He was pretty excited about that. Luckily his awesome brother and his great friend did some recon trick or treating, and brought him a hefty bounty. 
It's ok, we're just glad he wasn't in the hospital for Halloween, that would have made him sad. 

Here he is in his Ninja Morph costume. Which as far as I'm concerned takes all the fun out of a ninja costume, and defeats the purpose of a Morph suit. But hey, it makes him happy. 

He feels OK now, we're getting ready to watch Monsters U.

Today I'm grateful for:
- him being home and getting excited for Halloween,
- Chase getting some candy for Jack,
- no mouth sores from chemo. That would make him eat even less. 

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