Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Doing Good

Ok, I think we may be back on track. Jack is eating and his blood counts are good. (He had blood tests today, levels are good. Good enough as a matter of fact, that he doesn't need any more neupogen shots for now.)

So we have a bit under two weeks to fatten him up for the next round of chemo. 

He just requested some watermelon so I made a quick trip to the store to get some. 
There's quite a bit of that -- running to the store or fast food joints to get him whatever he is hungry for.

Jack and Sarah went to school today to set up a tutor to come visit so he doesn't fall back too far in school. He is starting to slip a bit, but I'm confident we'll catch up. I will employ all my tiger dad training that came with me from the old country. 

Tonight I'm grateful for:
- still fever free!
- return of the appetite,
- no more shots until after the next round. 

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