Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Energy Levels And Blood Counts Are Dropping, But We're Doing OK

Ok, looks like chemo side effects are kicking in, and his counts are dropping, which is expected. 
But then again with sun setting at 5 who isn't tired? (A thought just occurred to me... Instead of fiddling with every single clock in the country, twice, every year, (for daylight savings time) why don't we just buy headlights and flashlights for the farmers so they can see in the morning?) 

A tutor for Jack has started coming, so hopefully that will help us stay on track with his school. We read now quite a bit more than before and do math verbally, but he does need to keep up with other things like recognizing consonants and doing math on paper. 

Jack has been saying when he grows up he wants to design sentry turrets, so this is how we do math:
"If you load your sentry with 250 bullets, and it fires off 100 of them, how many are left?" 
That one was a bit tricky, but he got it on the second try. 

So, one day at a time, monitoring his counts, getting ready for the surgery. 

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