Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rocket Shooting

Today was the highlight of our week...

A coworker's friend (pictured below) invited us to fire off some rockets with him tonight. 
Jack had been waiting for it for a few weeks and was stoked to get to see these big rockets. 

We fired three different rockets, with minor damage to two of them, while the third one failed to deploy a parachute and was crushed upon "landing". (That one was ours, and I take the full responsibility for not packing it properly.)

We also got some fish this weekend. Meet Domino, Lemonade, Cookie, Monster and Root Beer on the very right. 

Things have been pretty normal for the past couple of days, which is a prelude to another cycle of chemo. That should be commencing on Friday. 

I'm grateful for:
- a few normal days,
- getting to fire rockets!
- Jack being happy to have the new fishies. 

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