Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mom Writes A Blog Post

Our day started out rather early at 4:30 am. With a bedding change, bright lights and all the commotion, Jack was thinking he was up for the day. With a few episodes of Good Luck Charlie (thank you Netflix) he was conked out by 5:30 and slept in until 8:30

Later in the morning, solders from Offutt AFB visited to deliver teddy bears. They are a wish bear, so Jack made a wish and one of the solders zipped it in the back of the bear where his wish would be forever safe. He giggles and tells me he’ll never tell me his secret wish. 

Lego building was next on the list. It ended up where it was mom building the legos while Jack was either running from a zombie in Minecraft, hatching eggs in Dragonville or trying to beat his last score in Subway Surfer. He has a system of toggling back and forth between games. Just as I was wising for an early afternoon nap, a 2:00 Bingo game started. Four games were played and a black out round. Jack won the third round and got to pick a prize from the game closet and scored some cool racing matchbox cars. Dad popped in after work, he had a meeting in Omaha today, so that worked out great. Cousins and friends stopped in for dinner, catching up and of course some gaming between cousins. 

This round Jack is doing super. No nausea, but I can tell he’s doesn’t quite feel like himself. He’s in good spirts, a bit bossy sometimes but is still my cuddle buddy. One of his medicines is a continuous drip for 24 hours, which limits us to not leaving the 6th floor. This is no fun because we would make our daily rounds to the lobby to throw some money in the fountain, pop in the gift shop to see what’s new and if the weather is nice, outside to one of the garden areas. 

The plan is to be released tomorrow after the last round of treatment is finished- which is 9:00 PM. It was originally 11:00 PM, but they were able to bump it up by two hours. Or we can stay until Friday morning. I’ll take a late evening release to sleep in my own bed anyday and I think Jack feels the same. 
I’ve heard a chance of snow tomorrow, so keep your fingers and toes crossed it’s nothing big and all is good to make the 45 minute drive home. 

Today I’m grateful for:

- My sister-in-law, nephew, and Tibor’s friend stopping by this evening to visit Jack.
-  All the great staff here at Children’s. This is our sixth time here, (about 30 days total) and you start to really know the nurses. They are all great and I really appreciate all they do.
- And I know we say it time and time again, but the incredible support system we have. Words are hard to come by how wonderful everyone has been to us. I look forward to paying it forward when the rough waters still and we can help other families going through a similar situation.

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  1. Nice blog, Sarah! I probably better not let Tibor know that you can blog as good as he can, or it might become "your job" permanently. It really is great to be able to see pictures of Jack and hear about his day. Really makes me feel better seeing and hearing about things so I don't feel like I have to call and make you tell the same story over and over again. I'm so glad God gave Jack such strong, loving parents to help him through this ordeal! I hope you continue to feel all the love and prayers coming your way! - Sandy