Thursday, November 7, 2013

Infusion Time

We had a lab done on Tuesday, and while the infection fighting white counts were good, his other levels were low. (Platelets and whatnot.)
So we had another lab today, and his platelets were still low, so the doctors ordered a round of infusion. (Platelets today, blood tomorrow.) This was done in Lincoln, so that's pretty convenient. 

While waiting around and receiving the infusion, he passed the time making funny pics on the iPad:


  1. I'm thankful we have such knowledgeable doctors that know best how to treat all our loved ones. And also such great facilities in which to be treated in! Thanks for the continued updates!
    I also want to thank you for posting pics of Jack, I like to read your updates, but there's nothing like seeing with my own eyes just how well Jack is enduring this whole process. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to be apart of this whole treatment process. You're all still in our prayers!

    1. Thanks Traci, glad you like the pics. And congrats to you guys on little Finn, what a great name!