Monday, November 18, 2013

Fourth Chemo Cycle Starting.

Ok, Jack was cleared to start the next cycle of chemo. This one will consist of three different drugs, given over three days. Past cycles consisted of two drugs, given over 3-5 days, but supposedly the drugs in this cycle are easier to tolerate than cycles 3 and 5. 

Here is a little pic of Jack and me doing some video chatting: 

There is a lot of that going on these days with him chatting with family members and to some extent school. 

Coincidentally, I am writing this post while stuck in the elevator, leaving work. 

A few things I'm grateful for:

- maintenance guy is here, I'm free!
- nice weather this weekend and tonight, which makes trips to Omaha safer and more tolerable. 
- playing nerf wars with the boys on Saturday. (We spent about 2 hours playing real life capture the flag. )

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  1. good luck with this cycle! We had one cycle that was shorter than the rest as well and was a nice little change being a bit shorter stay!