Sunday, November 24, 2013

Having A Great Post Chemo Weekend

Wow, this chemo cycle was a breeze. (So far anyway, maybe side effects will kick in later than the previous cycles.)

Jack ate fine while at the hospital, he's eating fine at home, and has almost unnoticeable nausea.
He received doses of Daunorubicin, Adriamycin, Oncovin, and Cytoxan. 

We went for a walk outside yesterday, and to the mall to get Jack a new winter coat. Today, boys and I chatted with my parents, played a board game, and played some Call Of Duty. I also made some wheat muffins, while Sarah baked up a storm and cooked a nice chicken soup. 

Next up, scans, followed by surgery. That will be happening once his blood counts recover, probably in a few weeks. 

Today I'm grateful for:
- Jack feeling good, eating and sleeping good and just being himself,
- An easy cycle of chemo, giving us a breather, and giving Jack a chance to gain weight,

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