Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Long Holiday Weekend

Jack is feeling good the past few days. He's more active, mobile and appetite seems to be slowing increasing. It's been a struggle finding a balance in a flow rate, (so many mL/hrs for his NG tube), adding some fiber to his diet and constipation that seems to be a never ending battle. At first we just ran the extra feedings at night, which worked okay. But depending on how much Jack ate in the evenings I would have to: 1) figure out a flow rate so his tummy wouldn't get too full, but then, 2) increase that rate throughout the night to make sure he got his allotted calories but not forgetting, 3) the shelf life of the liquid is only good for 8 hours after opening. I have come up with quite the algorithm, which of course changes every day. So now we run the feeding all day at a slower rate, and he still eats during the day.
This weekend Jack put on his soccer (or futbol as we call it in the house) socks and cleats and was ready to pass around the soccer ball with Chase. We went up to Campbell couple of times to kick around the ball for about an hour or so. He was always holding on to one of our hands for support/balance, but he was having a good time. Chase was playing goalie, and Jack snuck a few goals past him. Nothing too exciting to report over the weekend, just enjoying being all together with no set schedule. Big brother Chase turned 14yrs old on the 30th. I can say that I'm a pro at putting down an NG tube, not a fun job but I got it down. Life is good around the Moldovan house.

Jack was admitted to the hospital this morning. The first week is just the IL2 treatment, and the second week is both IL2 and antibody. Yep, it's a two week back to back treatment. Since we are going in on Tuesday, we won't be released until Saturday, and then back again in Monday. 

September is National Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. Next time you're out and about in the evening, take a drive by the state capital. It's glowing all month. Jack and I went to the capital lighting, it was pretty cool. To all the little fighters out there, Keep Calm and Fight On!
Today I'm thankful for: - Jack feeling better and wanting to go outside and play. Yippie! - Chase is growing quite nicely into his teenage years. I was even told today what a nice mom I was. Score! - thinking about Jack's little cousin Abe. Jack and I will get to see the little guy up at Children's Hospital on Friday.

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